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Keetersutherland Llc Oil & Gas Asset Management

KeeterSutherland has extensive experience in all engineering disciplines, allowing for a well conceived design and a smooth project startup.

KeeterSutherland provides Advanced Structural Analysis, Numerical Modeling, Seismic Design, Root Cause & Failure Analysis, Fitnes for Service and many other Asset Integrity services.

​KeeterSutherland LLC is a hands-on firm where principals are actively involved in the day-to-day project design and management. We provide engineering support and consulting services for the petroleum industry.  Our Team of professionals is extremely responsive and provides economical, innovative solutions. Our construction & operational experience translates to efficient, constructible designs that include all of the information contractors need to turn your projects into reality.  We believe active communication with our clients is vital to minimize or eliminate project cost overruns. 

We at KeeterSutherland focus on SAFETY and RELIABILITY.  Our staff understands the demands of the industry and seeks the safest, most cost efficient ways to make your project come to life.  We recognize the importance of reliability in our industry and now offer advanced Structural Integrity Management Services, Asset Lifecycle Services, Risk and Asset Integrity Management, Process Safety Management along with Fluids, Flow Assurance and Advanced Simulation services.  

KeeterSutherland has extensive domestic and international experience. We have managed projects valued from the tens of thousands to projects in the hundreds of millions.  We understand budgetary constraints and strive to provide maximum value to our clients and exceed expectations.


KeeterSutherland is a problem solver.  We offer custom metering and LACT units, Custom chemical injection systems, Modular and transportable refineries and other creative solutions to you individual problem.

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KeeterSutherland offers internationally recognized and multi industry training.